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Come Take A Walk on the Wild Side of Wicked

Guess what released overnight?

I'm so excited that you get to meet Kari and Maynard and follow Kari's turn to the wicked side!

Blurb: Kari
takes a walk on the wild side of wicked and has a fling with a stranger in
Paris. It’s the most
impetuous thing she’s ever done. Only now Maynard has ideas of making the fling
permanent--which doesn’t fit into her desire to be a wicked woman.

Experiments in phone sex, body paints and restraints all show her a side of herself that
she never knew she had. But she refuses to lose herself in a man, refuses to
let him take over her life just because she likes being dominated in the

aims to show her that to know herself and to surrender to desire is the only
way to truly experience what it means to be wild and wicked.

To read and excerpt and buy link click here.
Bloodlines Surge

Need to stock up on books?

Happy 2014!

In honor of Science Fiction Day, Loose Id has specials running on all books marked as Science Fiction. You might see a familiar name in there!

It's only going on until midnight on the 5th. So stock up now! Lots of great titles to choose from. Including mine ;)

Also Loose Id does have the VIP club to save you even more!

Keep in mind Loose Id sells formats that work on Kindle, Nook, and Kobo!
Bloodlines Surge

Where I've Been

So hubster went out of town for 2 weeks. Which left me in charge. LOL. And the only parent in the house. A daunting prospect.  And there's always family stuff going on these days with my girls and with other family.

I had proofing edits on Winter's Dare and Winter's Dare released. I also received first and second round edits on A Walk on the Wild Side of Wicked.

And most of the reason I haven't been posting?

Winters Risk was intended to be 30K. It's just a little over 45K without me going back through. I know I will be adding to one scene upon revision before I turn it in. I'm about to start revising so will be hiding again.

Winter's Source, the story I'll say up front I don't know if Loose Id will take, we'll just have to see as it's about Devyn and Carl has been edited by me and I added 5 K to the story.

So that's where I've been.


Bloodlines Surge

Happiness is a new release

Dear Rose 2: Winter's Dare released overnight! I'm so excited!!!!!  Rose Winter helped one relationship get together but now
she has her work cut out for her. This time, it's personal.

Tucker and Ally have been Devyn, Rose's alter ego's,
friends since college. And they've had a torch burning for each other all
along. Now, the flame's in danger of sputtering out. Their friends with
benefits relationship doesn't work for Ally anymore. She wants more, but knows
commitment-phobic Tucker can't man up.

At least until not until Devyn dares him to make it work.
And Tucker dares Devyn to help him.

With a plan that includes strip poker, a hot tub, a night
never to be forgotten, it looks like Rose, that is Devyn's, sure to book
another win. But can Ally and Tucker take the final plunge and make
friends-with-bennies into forever?