mechelea (mechelea) wrote,

A little Winter in spring

Just got plants in the ground and now there is a freeze warning tonight. Figures. Especially since Winter's Risk released overnight!

I'm so excited to share Josie, Zach, and Quinn's story! Not to mention finish off Carl and Rose's saga.  Will Rose get her third relationship together to win the bet? And at what cost to her own relationship?

Blurb: Rose Winter has brought two relationships together. But
now she has her greatest challenge yet. A threesome. But will she risk her own
relationship to make this difficult match?

Josie’s not a bad person. She’s just dating two guys.
Really hot, sexy guys. She’s been honest, but now it’s time to tell them about
her lack of a decision as to which guy to keep dating. Only much to her
surprise, Quinn and Zach don’t want her to choose. They not only find her sexy,
but are attracted to each other too.

Although the idea intrigues her, Josie's s a good girl
looking for Mr. Right, not Mr. Right and Mr. Right #2. Zach doesn’t believe he
can ever find happiness. He doesn’t dare dream about the relationship he needs
actually working--no matter how much he desires both Josie and Quinn. And
Quinn’s determined he’s going to win them both over and try something new. It’s
going to take everything he has and more to get the two of them onboard.

With Rose’s behind the scenes guidance, will they take
the risk of being together?


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